Moonlit Dahlia

No one knows of the silent tears she shed for her unborn, imaginary child she never knew she wanted to have . She and He had burgers and fish tacos with a heaping side of flirtatious laughter and slow simmering passion . She turned her right ear to the crying blue eyed baby boy in […]

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The wind at my back pushes me forward. No looking back. I will no longer cheat on my future with my past. The winds of change are here; fanning the flames of Strength, Intuition and Resilience. I now ascend to greater heights.

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You are merely a shadow of the beautiful boy that I once knew It’s a shame how many tears I have shed over you It was merely a fantasy and a waste of time for me to think that you would ever be mine Weeks and days have passed without a word The feelings that […]

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End of battle

I lay here awake looking at the night sky tears streaming down my face just wondering why? Smiles , hugs and laughs all of which did not last. Two snowy owls flew and flew together once written by you-know-who. I reread the poem that he wrote me tonight and it made me cry. again I […]

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Out of sight out of mind is that the old line? Sometimes I feel this is a waste of time. Am I losing my mind? They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What do you do when you know it’s over? Roll over and cry? Ask why? Or just deny all the […]

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Memories of a New York Moon

Looking out of my window smelling the cold crisp air. I wonder were you even real? I look up at the night sky and remember the sparkle in your eye underneath the New York Moon ,when we listened to your favorite David Bowie tune. You made my heart swoon, but alas it was over too […]

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He came into my life sight unseen He warmed my heart and woke me from the dead Made me smile and clear the cobwebs from my head Now I sit gazing out of the window looking at the fog and wondering… Was it’s all in my head?

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Poison or passion

Prisoner of the heart where do I start? Poison or passion which do I choose either way I feel I may lose Endless love dreams seem they are a gift from the stars ,or is it merely a mirage that will leave me with scars Scars that will never heal from something ,someone that I’m […]

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