Grit and Grace :aka (Electric San Francisco Snowflakes)

On a crisp San Francisco predawn day, I make my way to work this morning with a new spring in my step. Although the sun has not risen yet, the staircase to the subway is brightly lit by the blue and white sublime glow of a jumbo sized Electric Snowflake.

Before my descent down the subway stairs, I take one more fleeting glance at the Electric Snowflake and feel a brief twinge of memories of holidays past Magically combined with a sense of hope.

I take a breath , then briskly yet carefully make my descent into the Concret Underworld. Foul smells of hot human waste and discarded food Assault my olfactory glands. I run for the train and with yet still ,an optimistic hop I board the train. Wide awake from the brisk pre dawn walk, I easily avoid Plethora of vomit in front of the door on the interior of the subway train. I scurry to the middle of the train, and get off the next stop.

Slightly Disheartened and Disgusted , I make my way to the local coffee shop. The staff greets me with Warm Hellos and Smiles ,as I am a loyal patron. This little shop is a sanctuary in the Concrete Jungle. Upon exiting the coffee shop, I take the 1st sip of my warm hug in a mug, otherwise known as a Filthy Chai . I look up and I see yet another Electric Snowflake and manifest the courage to get on with my day.

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